Our Family Story

This Is How It All Came Together

Our Story goes like this:

We are two of the most loyal aviators in the aviation industry. We saw a need for more user friendly software and technology for the aviation industry. After some careful discussions with others throughout the aviation and trucking community, a need was revealed across other segments of the transportation industry. Seeing no other companies striving to fill the need, we decided to make a move to fill this need ourselves.

One of us already had a business; Rollins Enterprises, LLC, this became the temporary home for all the technology companies being bought or developed. In Jan 2017, we the share holders decided to come together and merge all the operations under one banner company; this was appropriately named “Nuclei, LLC” as it is the center, or nucleus, the heart beat, the energy behind all of the other merged businesses. The vision for the new company is bold and aggressive. Our dream is to revolutionize support software and technologies within many different industries.

Nuclei , LLC is based in the USA.

~~  C  Rollins, capt.

~~~~~  K  Beebe, capt.


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